Afrifix Cistern Block


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Water Saving Technology

Don’t just save water – create it! A breakthrough range of bio-enzyme products which save, and then create water! Eliminate flushing, odours and blockages, and then turn human waste into a viable source of water!


Create Water!

Afrifix is a leading manufacturer of an entire range of bio-enzymatic products uniquely designed for the pending water crisis. As our Afrifix Aqua Shock range of products are introduced to human waste, they incredibly convert it into carbon dioxide and water! The benefits are profound. Imagine converting human waste in the city’s toilets, urinals, septic systems, sewer lines, pump stations and sewer plants into a viable source of waste water!


No Odours = Saving Water

After being introduced to human waste, the Afrifix Aqua Shock range of products rapidly produce an unlimited amount of enzymes to quickly and effectively eliminate foul odours, while emitting a powerful and pleasant odour masking fragrance. No odours means not having to flush toilets and urinals, thereby and saving a huge amount of water!


Afrifix Cistern:

Afrifix Cistern technology neutralizes urine odours, while disguising its colour. A bio-enzyme block is simply popped into the cistern, meaning it’s automatic and happens on every flush. Average toilets are flushed about 2000 times per year. That means a portion of over 15 000 litres of drinking water literally goes down the toilet! After eventually flushing, Afrifix’s incredible bio-technology converts human solids and waste into an effective water source!


Flushless 9 Enzyme System:

Where cisterns are not present, this potent 9 enzyme coloured and fragranced bio-enzyme spray is simply sprayed into the toilet bowl, with all of the aforementioned benefits. Save 14 000L of water per 1L bottle! When eventually flushing, Afrifix bio-enzyme technology converts human organic waste into carbon dioxide and water!


Afrifix Urinal:

The Afrifix bio-enzyme urinal block requires no retrofitting, and in seconds turns any urinal into an effective waterless system, with minimal cost! Every time one urinates, a fresh fragrance is emitted, the bio-enzymes are transported into the bottle trap to eliminate odours, while converting uric build-up into water and carbon dioxide! Use with Afrifix 50 spray to enzymatically treat urinal surfaces for effective odour control.


100 x 45g, 500 x 45g

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