What we Offer

Water Management

  • New technological initiatives
  • SUMS (Smart Utility Management System) developed to monitor, verify and control water consumptions and identify unaccounted for water losses
  • Early leak detection solutions
  • 24/7 control room and repair teams
  • Pressure, flow and control management
  • Job-creation initiatives

Water Engineering

  • Conventional and efficient designs for potable water, sanitation and stormwater infrastructure
  • Water audits and technical reporting
  • Rainwater and greywater designs
  • Property development of infrastructure
  • Water storage and ancillaries
  • Training and mentoring previously disadvantaged individuals (students)

Water Sustainable Engineering

  • Green building sustainability
  • Design of sustainable infrastructure solutions for green building certification
  • Rainwater, greywater, groundwater and stormwater resiliency
  • Solid waste solutions (recycling, waste-to-energy and waste-to-compost)
  • HVAC and thermal efficiencies (including thermal designs and central heating solutions)

Water Infrastructure Construction

  • Installation of water, sanitation and stormwater infrastructure
  • Construction of water reservoirs, pump stations, treatment plants (water and sanitation solutions, pump lines and technical water management infrastructure, Subterranean and above groundwater storage solutions
  • Borehole drilling operations
  • Project management and contract management
  • Implementing labour incentives within the construction programmes by employing individuals (skilled and unskilled) within the communities
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