Afrifix Absorbent Powder

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Afrifix absorbent powder is an environmentally friendly, super absorbent, natural powder that effectively cleans up and simultaneously remediates stubborn liquids such as oils, diesel, petrol, paraffin and many more liquids and has unique desiccating and cationic properties which unlike commercial air fresheners does not mask smells but rather eliminates them for good. By using combinations of proprietary enzyme producing bacteria practically any hydrocarbon can be safely bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals.

Recommended Applications:
Afrifix Absorbent Powder is excellent for these functions:
Clean-up and remediation of oil spills and other liquid hydrocarbons commonly found in harbours, on beaches, rivers, dams, drive throughs, parking garages, petrol service stations, refineries, workshops, airports and much more.
Mop up operations at road and airport accident scenes and sites where toxic materials have been spilt.
Animal feedlots and poultry coops where hygiene and odour control is paramount. Afrifix Absorbent Powder is completely inert and non-toxic and in the unused state may be safely ingested by animals.
Septic tank and sewer overflow clean-up operations.
– Cleaning and odour suppression of carpeting and furniture contaminated by decaying organic matter and animal excretions.
-Oil and fat clean-up following cooking, a braai or barbeque.

Directions For Use:
Water Oil Spill Application:
Scatter a moderate amount of powder onto the oil. The powder will immediately begin absorbing the oil and thereafter start coagulating into a contained mass of oil and powder. The coagulated oil and powder will after some time begin to sink, leaving a clean layer of water above. Coagulated material that has sunk should be brought to the surface and captured.
Solid Surface Spills:
For the application of spills onto solid surfaces, scatter a layer of powder directly onto the spill. Wait for a short period for the powder to begin absorbing the liquid and odour. Use a broom or brush to sweep the powder back and forth over the spill. Repeat the steps above until the spill has been completely absorbed and contained. Sweep or vacuum the material and collect it.